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obróbka metalu skrawaniem CNC

CNC machining - What do we offer?

For several decades we have been dealing with metal processing, including CNC machining. The experience we have gained is being constantly enriched with new developments. Some time ago we developed our facilities - we can be proud of the most modern machine park in Poland. Thanks to this we are able to handle huge orders for our biggest customers, as well as orders where great precision counts, with great ease.

Our specialisation in machining acid steel sets us apart in the market. It is a very strong material with great utility in the automotive, medical and construction industries. However, it is worth remembering that the properties of stainless steel make it difficult to machine, which is why our thorough expertise is so important.


CNC milling, turning and cutting services


Parameters of CNC machine tools

We have CNC 5-axis automatic lathes with average speed of 13 000 rpm. On our automatic machines we perform CNC milling, turning and cutting services of such materials as:


-Stainless steel





CNC machining dimensions:

From ø 2 mm to ø 200 mm

Modern machinery for CNC services

The CNC lathe machines with which we have equipped our machine park ensure the highest quality of workmanship and guarantee precision and accuracy even in large productions. Among others, we carry out production on the latest STAR machines of 2018.


We perform CNC milling, turning and cutting services at our head office in Łódź with access to A1 and A2 motorways, which facilitates shipping all over Poland in a short time.


CNC metalworking - from design to production, full cooperation

What are the subsequent stages of execution of an order for CNC metalworking? Our company offers a comprehensive service. First, our technicians create a design according to your wishes and requirements. Then, the necessary tools for the execution of this order are created, as well as prototypes of the ordered elements. The whole process is completed with mass production of the details. We take care of good communication with the customer at every stage of the order execution.

Our CNC machines produce parts in a cyclic manner during machining, thus ensuring repeatability and quality assurance with each piece.

We also provide a design service for our productions and the machines are programmed by our specialists in the CNC machine control panel. Our STAR lathes also accept ready-to-use programs generated in CAD/CAM format.

We work with some of the world's largest companies such as:

B/S/H/, Hutchinson, and Coko Werk .

We welcome cooperation in the field of CNC machining with the following companies:

  • companies from construction sector

  • companies from automotive industry

  • companies in the medical industry

  • companies from the household appliances industry

  • companies from the military industry

  • companies in the machinery sector

  • firms in the gardening sector

  • companies in the sanitary and plumbing sector - companies in the sewage sector

If you are interested in our services on automatic CNC lathes, please contact us at:

We do our best to answer offer enquiries as soon as possible. However, due to the large number of orders the waiting time for a response may sometimes be longer - up to 5 working days.