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37 years of experience

We are manufacturing

since 1984 year

Thanks to our long time experience
we provide reliability and timeliness services.

We support customers

in 35

Thank to regulation knowledge
we can easily adapt standards to support customers globally.

Treatment of metals and plastics

Our company has been on the market since 1984. At that time we related our activity to the automotive industry. For almost 40 years we have been continuously developing. Today, we are a large company offering metal and plastic processing and manufacturing our own products in the military and automotive sectors, as well as parts and components. We have our own machinery park located in buildings with a total area of 1800 m2. We cooperate with the biggest companies and send our products all over the world – our products are available in 35 countries.

The experience gained, along with huge production facilities allows us to provide a wide range of services in the field of metal and plastic processing.

We welcome cooperation with companies from the following sectors:

  • automotive industry

  • military industry

  • household appliances industry

  • construction sector

  • medical sector

  • machinery sector

  • horticulture sector

  • sanitary and plumbing sector

  • carpentry sector


Our company is based in Łódź, but we carry out orders for contractors from all over Poland and abroad.

Our machine park includes machines and equipment for turning, milling, threading, grinding, laser cutting and many other services related to metal and plastic processing.


Kel-met - what makes us different

We are a professional company which focuses on continuous development. The advantage of our company is its versatility. We execute very different orders for many branches. We focus on long-term cooperation.

The strength of our production and service company is its qualified staff. Our team consists of people with passion, who have professional knowledge and great skills. Since 1997 we have been a Supported Employment Enterprise and we provide workplaces for people with various disabilities.

We care about good and constructive cooperation with our customers. Therefore, at each stage of production or service provision, we focus on remaining in touch and providing reliable information.


Our offer is addressed to companies, production plants and wholesalers which are interested in metalworking in its broad sense. We offer services at the highest level, performed with great accuracy and precision.

Metal processing encompasses various technological processes influenced by changes of metal properties such as shape, size or dimensions.

Kel-met offers:

  • Machining - this type of metal processing enables to give it expected shape or dimension. Machining includes:

  • turning - metalworking involving the cutting away of surface layers with a lathe knife in order to obtain the required shape. The interference of cutting tools can be on the outside as well as the inside of the workpiece. The workpiece is set in motion while the tool (turning knife) is stationary during operation.

  • Milling - is metal machining, where as in turning, unnecessary layers of the surface of the workpiece are removed and fall off in the form of chips. In this type of machining, the tool is set in motion and the workpiece is permanently fixed to the milling table.

  • Grinding - often the final stage of machining giving a finish to holes, shaft surfaces and workpiece surfaces. Thanks to the use of abrasive tools, the accuracy of shapes and dimensions of workpieces is improved and roughness is reduced. An even more precise treatment is surface polishing.

  • Plastic forming - occurs when pressure is exerted on the workpiece, which leads to a change in the shape and dimensions of the metal object. This is possible because the tool (e.g. a press) exceeds the yield point and leads to a rebuilding of the internal structure of the metal and a change in its mechanical properties

Plastics processing

Plastics processing is both thermal and mechanical work on plastics. It is very popular and has applications in every walk of life and every industry. Thanks to thermoplastic and thermosetting treatment any shape of an object can be given, which gives unlimited possibilities.

Our company offers processing of plastics including services such as

  • plastic injection is a technique of injecting heated plastic into an injection mould which gives a shape to the moulded part. This process is performed on injection moulding machines, which first receive the plastic material in the form of granules, which, when heated, flows and in the process of cyclic injection phases forms the thermoplastic and thermosetting shape of the workpiece.

  • Deburring - the removal, with the help of knives, files or diagonal cutters, of unnecessary sharp remnants of material from the workpiece after injection moulding. This final element of plastics processing allows for the improvement of aesthetics and the removal of sharp edges that hinder or even prevent work or assembly of the part and sometimes even injure the body.

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